Personal data are processed and secured by the De Cock-Hadders Fund in a most careful way. The De Cock-Hadders Fund complies with the demands of Dutch privacy legislation (AVG).

Requests to support scientific projects (only meant for and put forward by PhD students at the UMCG/FMS, unless otherwise indicated), requests to support a student’s international internship or requests to support a congress organized by students (both meant to support students only from studies coordinated by UMCG/FMS) must be submitted via the website of the De Cock-Hadders Fund. These requests will be kept confidential and stored on the server used by the De Cock-Hadders Fund for a maximum period of 5 years.

Correspondence (or discussion) about the conditions and outcomes of the judging of scientific projects, internships or other requests for financial contributions, the level of allocated financial contribution as well as the length of the period during which a contribution has to be spent, is not possible.

The De Cock-Hadders Fund holds the copyright for everything that is placed on its website. Of course, this does not apply to the content of the requests for financial support. These are put on a separate server. The content and operation of the website are made as careful as possible, but mistakes and omissions can occur. The De Cock-Hadders Fund cannot be kept responsible for this. Cookies will only be used to analyze the number of page views and their (not to an individual person traceable) origin. These cookies don’t need explicit approval. Cookies from third parties are not used.