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  • All projects for 2022 have been reviewed. Applicants have been informed by email. Please contact us in case you did not receive this email (check your spam-box).

  • This website remains open for submitting grant applications for international internships. These projects will be reviewed 4 times a year.

  • This site is closed now for submitting grant applications Scientific Research 2022. The projects are now under review and decision about granting financial support will be communicated at the end of december.

Scientific research

The De Cock-Hadders Foundation awards between €200,000 and €300,000 annually in grants to PhD research conducted at the FMS/UMCG. This contribution is exclusively intended to help PhD students to complete their scientific projects. Applications for a contribution must be submitted by PhD students themselves, using the form available on this website. The requested support must directly benefit their project (is intended for purchasing consumables and cannot be used for personnel costs or equipment) and should be in the range of €4,000 – €8,000. The awarded support can be capped by the Board. In addition to applications for funding from De Cock-Hadders, there is a limited opportunity to submit an application for the Winston Bakker Fund. The latter is exclusively intended for projects in the area of paediatric nephrology and pregnancy pathology. The period during which applications can be submitted runs from 1 August to 15 October 2021. As a rule, the results will be emailed to the applicants at the end of December.

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Research internship

Every year, the De Cock-Hadders Foundation is able to make a financial contribution to help students to complete an international internship for degree programmes for which the Faculty of Medical Sciences/UMCG is the principal coordinator. These include medical, dentistry and motion sciences degree programmes as well as Master’s degree programmes in CPE, MMIT and IMIM. This financial support has been capped at €500 per application and applications can be made using the form on this website.

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